Kathryn Marshall - Ellected Ep. 26

Kathryn Marshall - Ellected Ep. 26

Kathryn Marshall - Ellected Podcast - Sarah Elder-Chamanara

CONTENT WARNING - Please be aware that this episode discusses personal accounts of abortion, miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

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In Episode 26 of Ellected Sarah talks with Kathryn Marshall, partner at the Toronto law firm Levitt Sheikh about her work as the lawyer representing Ariella Kimmel who is suing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's office for wrongful dismissal after alleging she was subjected to a toxic workplace environment and wrongful dismissal.

In the second half of the epsiode, Kathryn and Sarah discuss the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, why abortion is health care, some of the challenges to accessing it outside of urban centres and in certain parts of the country, how it is not a constitutionally protected right and their agreement on why it should be. Kathryn and Sarah also share their extremely personal stories about accessing the healthcare system in different was and how it has impacted them individually.

More about Kathryn Marshall:

Kathryn Marshall’s practice is focused on employment law, human rights, and civil litigation. She is a dedicated and compassionate lawyer with a passion for advocacy and justice. She handles all areas of employment law, from job offer reviews to litigation involving wrongful termination, constructive dismissal, discrimination, bad faith, harassment, sexual misconduct, bullying, disability, executive compensation, and shareholder disputes. In addition, Kathryn has made a name for herself handling complex employment matters involving high profile individuals in politics and provides advice on media strategy and crisis communication. 

In 2022, Kathryn was nominated by Canadian Lawyer Magazine as a one of Canadas’ most influential lawyers in the area of human rights advocacy. In 2021, she served as a member of the Ontario Workforce Advisory Committee which provided key recommendations to shape the future of work in Ontario.  A number of these recommendations have already become law such as the ban on non-compete clauses and the right to disconnect. In 2021, Kathryn was voted as a top labour and employment lawyer in Toronto by Post City Magazine.

She is committed to resolution where possible and is experienced in the courtroom.  Kathryn has successfully represented clients at trials and hearings and is a fervent advocate in every stage of litigation.

Kathryn is an avid writer and writes a monthly column in the National Post. She is frequently quoted in the media and appears regularly on CTV, CBC and Global.

Kathryn has worked to advance the rights of women and combat sexual harassment, domestic abuse, sexual violence, and gender discrimination for over a decade. She has provided testimony on several occasions before a House of Commons Parliamentary Committee with respect to enhancing legislation that protects women and girls from exploitation and violence. Kathryn also founded a national campaign that promoted the creation of sexual harassment and assault policies on university and college campuses across Canada. Read more here.

More about Sarah Elder-Chamanara:

Sarah Elder-Chamanara is the founder, creative director, designer and owner of Madame Premier, a feminist, political and activist clothing company and community based in Calgary, Alberta. With the underlying principle of seeing more women and diversity in politics, elected and in backrooms, at every level, Sarah and Madame Premier create opportunities for conversations about how politics works, why it needs to change, who it needs to change for and how the time for that is now.

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