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Girls Can Do Anything

Girls Can Do Anything

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Give that special girl in your life wings to fly with this enchanting book about all the things a girl can do. Whether she dreams of being a vet that heals people's pets, a firefighter that braves the flames, an astronaut floating in deep, dark space, or a fearless jungle explorer, there's nothing that a girl can't do.

Perfect for parents, teachers, and gift givers looking for:

  • Books for girls about strong women
  • Feminist baby books
  • Inclusive children's books
  • Books about self esteem for children
  • Books to celebrate girl power!

One size definitely does not fit all in this book: charming depictions of girls being scruffy or fancy, neat or messy, and everything in between are explored and celebrated, because each girl is unique and unlike all others. Empower young girls everywhere and let them know that being told "you're such a girl" is the greatest compliment of all!

Girls come in all different colors and sizes.

They delight and amaze us.

They're full of surprises.

Girls can do anything they want to do.

And if YOU are a girl....

You can do these things too!

What parents and grandparents are saying:

  • Amazing! The message of empowerment is so important for little girls! On the inside of the front and back cover, there are little portraits of influential women throughout history (Serena Williams, RBG, etc.). Awesome book, highly recommend!
  • We love this book! My 3-year-old already memorized and now randomly shouts "I'M A GIRL. I'M FANTASTIC. I'M STRONG, BRAVE AND PROUD " I highly recommend this book. Great way to empower young girls and teach them to love, appreciate and accept all differences among themselves and other girls.
  • I got the book after a boy in my daughter's class told her she couldn't play football. This book was amazing. It had girls of all different colors and abilities in the illustrations as well. Wow I'm stunned. So good! All girls deserve this book on their shelves.
  • I absolutely LOVE this book, and my 5-year-old does too. So meaningful, inspiring and encouraging for young ladies. The biographies at the back are my daughter's favorite part of the book. She loves listening to me explaining who every lady is and what she did in her life. 


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