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Search for a Giant Squid

Search for a Giant Squid

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An exciting ocean-themed choose-your-path STEM adventure for emerging readers! Take a journey to the ocean's twilight zone in Search for a Giant Squid ! An exciting mixture of action and non action, this choose-your-own-adventure-style story allows readers to take on the mantle of a teuthologist looking for a giant squid in its natural habitat. Once readers pick their submersible, pilot, and dive site, the adventure begins!

ENTERTAINMENT FOR HOURS:The topic combined with eleven unique endings make this book feel new each time you read it! Every path you choose will lead to a different outcome, learning new facts about marine life along the way.

SPARKS INTEREST IN STEM: This introduction to the career of marine zoologist lets developing readers dip their toes into being a teuthologist-a scientist who studies cephalopods such as octopus, squid, and cuttlefish!

THE FIRST IN A SET: Watch for the next choose-your-own-path book, all about mushrooms and mycology: the study of fungi!

A DEEPER STEM DIVE: Teaches not just about giant squid, but about the many people needed to undertake this type of scientific expedition.

INCLUSIVE APPROACH: Research shows children need to see it to be it." The images in the book showcase a broader range of inclusivity than many STEM titles.

Perfect for:

• Emerging readers with an interest in STEM, ocean animals, and squids!
• Excellent resource for teachers, librarians, and homeschool educators to explore science, travel, and career topics
• Fans of choose-your-own-adventure books, National Geographic kids' books, and the Magic Tree House and Who Would Win book series
• Birthday, holiday, or summer break gift for boys and girls who love adventure books, animal books, and stories about the kraken and other sea monsters

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