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Indi City

Indi City Kohkum Earrings

Indi City Kohkum Earrings

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Indi City’s Angel’s Kokum Agnes Aubichon beaded well after she lost her sight. Almost completely blind she would ask her daughters to lay out the colours in her trays and she would bead her distinct style of moccasins by memory. They hang in my workspace as a reminder of what came before and what is to come. Angel has renvisioned these earrings hanging in the homes of her future grandaughter (nôsisim) as a reminder of my prayers for them. 

This design was born from her immersion in the cyclical nature of her grandmothers, her mothers mothers mothers wisdom, seven generations backwards and forwards and the cycle of passing along the teachings, strength and resplendence to descendants. The reciprocity in the bloodmemory from our deep connections to our lands to the style of stitch in her kokums beadwork. Lovingly guiding my hands and steps with clearly delineated markers. 

Parfleche is a traditional lightweight container bag or purse made of rawhide often used by plains nations to carry food while traveling. 

This sunburst parfleche pattern is derived from her Nehiyaw family's traditional beadwork. The round design embodies the leadership and directionality, the sense of purpose of our grandmothers, pointing (with their lips) where we need to draw our attention; all four directions, clean ascending steps, balanced and mirroring our path forward with clear focus and surrounded unbroken by the blazing rays of their prayers and love.

Made of 3 colours of quality mirror and opaque cut acetate and leather backed with durable hypoallergenic hooks.

Length: 2.5 inches Weight: 0.5oz

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