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Madame Premier

Madame Premier Multi-Partisan Vote Adult Brown T-Shirt

Madame Premier Multi-Partisan Vote Adult Brown T-Shirt

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Madame Premier is multi-partisan and this shirt carries a very multi-partisan message: VOTE.

Designed using the four colours of Canada's main four political parties in alphabetical order, it shares the very simple and direct message of voting.

Madame Premier believes that voting is very, very important and that everyone should exercise their franchise because for too long, too many people in Canada have been intentionally excluded from voting. Whether because of race or gender, there are those to still seek to limit our participation in the democratic process. This simply cannot be allowed to happen. Voter suppression is real and it isn't something that only happens in other countries. Whether it's laws about what ID you need, where polling places are located, how many polling places there are and even how ridings are constructed. The reach of those who wish to control how we vote, when we vote, who votes and who we vote for is long and something we have pay attention to.

We are stronger as individuals, communities, cities, towns, provinces, territories and as a country when we vote. Who you vote for is your choice but educate yourself and don't sit any elections out. Your vote ALWAYS matters. Every single election, every single vote, every single time.

This navy t-shirt is made of 100% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton (code for super soft) with a tearaway tag. It's also pre-washed so don't expect it to shrink. Unisex sizing so size down for a smaller fit or size up if you want a comfier fit.

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