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Madame Premier

Madame Premier Vote Pro Choice White Adult T-Shirt

Madame Premier Vote Pro Choice White Adult T-Shirt

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Yes, voting matters. But are they pro-choice? In 2019 pro-life organizations in Canada supported 60 candidates who said that they would work with them if elected to take back a woman's right to abortion as a health care procedure. Of those 60, 45 were elected. In 2021, 39 MPs were elected with the same support.

It was only in 1969 that abortion even became legal in Canada when the federal government under Pierre Elliott Trudeau legalized it but only so far as that a committee of doctors would be the decision maker and only in cases where a woman's life or health was in danger. In 1988 this law was found to be unconstitutional as it infringed on a woman's right to "Life, liberty and security of person." in 1991 then prime minister Brian Mulroney's government attempted to criminalize providing abortions by sentencing doctors to two years in jail with bill c-43. The only reason it failed to become law after being passed in the house was because it died in the senate after a tie vote. Woman in New Brunswick continue to be limited in their access to abortion which should concern all Canadians.

Why is it that vasectomies for men aren't politicized and legislated in the same way as women's bodies? It's because women continue to be limited in our ability to be equal in all ways. Our votes matter and it matters who we give our votes too. Are they invested in our equality as much as we are invested in electing them?


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